Close Apps Easily in Taskswitcher – Direct Closer Pro

Posted: June 24, 2011 in iDevices

Yes you know about Multi-Tasking on IOS4+ iDevices by simply double pressing the Home Button (you didn’t know that?). And to close these open apps you just have to press one of the icons for a few seconds and the “(-)” will appear on the icon corner allowing you to close the apps. Cool? Well hell yeah, but there is one app that is even cooler, Direct Closer Pro.

Direct Closer Pro works similar to the native IOS multi-tasking but instead of making you do the extra few steps in closing the apps the “(-)” will visible/active as soon as you Multi-Task (double press the Home Button). This app is awesome. So go ahead multi-task and free up your iDevice memory just by a press of a button, or two 🙂



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