iPhone Tweak – Add Notification Curtain

Posted: June 24, 2011 in iDevices

Have you ever got your hands on an up-to-date Android phone? or have you seen whats on the new IOS5? Well if you have iDevice with IOS4 you might want to enable it with one feature that the Android is cool off the shelf for,  NOTIFIED. Which include:

  • Logs notifications allowing for offline viewing
  • Support for several notification types
  • Bookmarking, to keep important notifications
  • Beautifully designed and coded

To make the app work like the Android version which allows you to swipe the application into place like a curtain from the status bar to cover the screen you must use the Cydia App ACTIVATOR. Within the Activator you can configure your iDevice to open Notified in that manner

Bear in mind that your device should be Jailbreaked and running at least IOS4.

You can download from the repo http://cydia.myrepospace.com/hackstor/


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